Holy Moses! Ett brittiskt spöke behöver rädda oss!

Kristoffer Bergström: Tony will hang around forever.

Everything happens, yet we are back where we started at the end.

Who will get “Master of Masters” to leave this infernal loop?

I bet on a British ghost.

Yes, Joel Lundqvist bled, but let’s start with Moses Bruine Cotsworth?

Apparently, the British accountant was a bore. He was born in the mid-1800s and discovered in middle age that something was wrong with our calendars. Why all the fuss with 30 and 31 days when there is a much more elegant solution?

Moses added a thirteenth summer month called Sol. He gave all months 28 days, totaling 364, and rounded off the year with a standalone rest day.

In the grump’s system, all months start on a Sunday and end on a Saturday. If you were born on a Tuesday one year, you would do so forever.

The Cotsworth calendar is 122 years old and superior to the Gregorian. It is rational and facilitates planning, yet we cling to the traditional division of the year. Because we are stubborn. In a rapidly changing time, we want to preserve our lives as they have always been.

Okay, excuse the digression, but when we’re done pondering on what Joel’s forehead is made of, we can tackle “Master of Masters” as Moses would have done.

Zombie Tony Rickardsson.

What do we have?

Ten programs, nine contestants. Seven of them remain after five weeks. As we transition into the second half, Tony Rickardsson will once again drag himself forward like a zombie – not quite in the world of the living, but also not allowed to die.

The dry-skinned Brit had shaken his head and pointed out that there is a straightforward solution that avoids all the strange constructions. So he took his dull pen and outlined a unimaginative scenario:

Twelve Swedish sports heroes fly south to compete. In the first program, they all survive, a little mercy shall prevail, then one gets eliminated each week. Eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven – and then six! Five! When four remain, the program reaches the finale episode.

They wake up, they wrestle, they ask polite questions.

The benefits of a straightforward schedule are apparent, especially for a program that releases one episode at a time. One always knows what is at stake, making the competitions more intense. And each episode has a meaningful climax, one that is not about Anja Pärson going to a football match, so all viewers stay until the end.

They wake up, they wrestle, they ask polite questions about an old national championship final, they continue to fight, and eventually one wins and one is eliminated. Week after week.

Nothing more is needed, as the ghost of the old accountant had said. But I have no hope whatsoever that such a logical change will be implemented because it’s not in our

It’s natural to choose the most convenient option.

So we’re stuck in this crazy maze! Tony will hang around forever! Holy Moses!

Melodifestivalen continues to attract a steady 2.6 million viewers and tops the list once again this week.

In second place is “Mästarnas mästare” with 1.4 million viewers.

  1. Melodifestivalen (SVT1, Saturday) 2,638,000
  2. Mästarnas mästare (SVT1, Sunday) 1,406,000
  3. Antikrundan (SVT1, Thursday) 1,167,000
  4. Bäst i test (TV4, Friday) 978,000
  5. Muren (SVT1, Friday) 963,000
  6. Husdrömmar (SVT1, Monday) 850,000
  7. Carina Bergfeldt (SVT1, Friday) 846,000
  8. Sveriges mästerkock (TV4, Wednesday) 775,000
  9. Shetland (SVT1, Sunday) 746,000
  10. Din personlighet (738,000)

Measurement period: February 19th to February 25th, 2024. News programs, “Sportnytt,” or programs under ten minutes are not included in the list.

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